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HealthSmart Mist XP Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier


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This attractive, modern-looking humidifier with a translucent-blue water tank top and white base will look at home in any room. Its user-adjustable Mist Regulator Dial controls the amount of cool mist flow from Minimum (up to 24-hour run time) to Maximum (up to 10-hour run time) output.

“Cool Mist” and “Ultrasonic” mean that there is no hot water or steam to endanger children or pets; whisper-quiet, more economical operation; and no costly filters to maintain or replace. A run-time of up to 50 hours, a large 1.32-gallon water tank with carrying handle, adjustable mist flow and direction, built-in nightlight, and auto-stop with refill indicator light when empty, make this humidifier an excellent choice for any large room.

A humidifier lets your nose and nasal passages do their job, which is to warm, clean, and add moisture to the air entering your sinuses, throat, and lungs. Your nose especially needs help doing its job in the winter, when the dry heat in your cozy and warm home or office makes the air bone dry. A humidifier adds badly-needed moisture to the air you and your family breathe.

How does a humidifier help you?
— Provides relief from coughing and congestion from a cold, sore throat, or flu
— Alleviates many of the symptoms of asthma, sinusitis, or allergies, and promotes good sinus, airway, and lung health
— Reduces snoring by keeping the throat from drying out
— Lubricates and moistens nasal passages allowing the sinuses to drain more efficiently which reduces congestion and helps prevent or heal sinus infections
— Counters the worst of winter’s dry-air effect which leads to nosebleeds, chapped lips, and parched skin that can crack, itch, or flake

Why a Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier?
— Safer than hot-steam producing units, such as Warm Mist Humidifiers, which can be a burn hazard for children and pets
— Costs less by requiring less electricity to operate with no need for a heating element to heat up water for evaporation
— Less noisy than Cool Mist Evaporative Humidifiers or Warm Mist Humidifiers
— Operates without requiring any replaceable filters, saving you money and time
— Ultrasonic vibration technology quietly evaporates liquid water, transforming it into an effective, air-moisturizing, micro-fine mist

1) When full of water, carry water tank with both hands.
2) Use clear, cool tap or filtered water. Distilled water is recommended if you wish to reduce any fine dust that may result from the dispersion of water’s natural mineral content. Do not use hot water.
3) Do not operate on wood or other water-sensitive surfaces, as condensation may occur.
4) Do not direct water vapor flow towards furniture or electrical appliances.
5) Follow all Safety and Cleaning Instructions as specified in the User Manual.

Run Time: Up to 24 hours (at Minimum Vapor Flow); up to 10 hours (at Maximum Vapor Flow)
Tank Capacity: 0.66 gal.
Room Size: Medium to Large
Average Humidity Output: 7.1 fl. oz./hr to 10.1 fl. oz./hr
Power Consumption: 120V, 60Hz, 22W
Sound Level: Less than 35 dBA
Includes: English/Spanish Instruction Manual
Warranty: 3-year Manufacturer’s Limited WarrantyAntimicrobial germ-free water tank

  • Antimicrobial/Antibacterial silver-based water tank prevents bacterial growth for the lifetime of the unit
  • An attractive humidifier with built-in LED nightlight for any medium to large size room with whisper-quiet 24-hour run time operation
  • Advanced ultrasonic filter-free design means no costly, inconvenient wicks or filters to replace or maintain
  • User-adjustable Mist Regulator Dial controls flow of cool mist vapor
  • Humidifier automatically stops when water level requires refilling


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